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Get Three Great Services in One with a DIRECTV Bundle

A DIRECTV triple play bundle is the easiest way to fully connect your home. With one phone call you can get satellite TV, high-speed Internet and home phone service from some of the nation’s leading providers. Choose from a variety of packages and plans to build a bundle that lets you watch, talk and connect the way you want. Call now to discover the convenience and value of bundling phone and Internet service with America’s #1 satellite TV service.

DIRECTV, Internet and Phone: the Perfect Combination

Skip the hassle of tracking down separate service providers and making multiple calls to order all of the services you need at home. Order a DIRECTV bundle and you can check multiple items off your list at once, and know that you’re getting the best service available from some of the top providers in the country. A DIRECTV triple play bundle is great if you’re moving to a new area and need to get set up or if you’re just ready to upgrade your home entertainment, Internet and phone service.

How Do I Get a DIRECTV Bundle?

The first step to creating your service bundle is to choose a DIRECTV programming package. You can select from a variety of plans, including one with up to 315+ available channels, as well as advanced equipment options and advanced features. Whether you are a sports fanatic, a movie buff or a reality TV lover, there is a DIRECTV package that gives you more of your favorite entertainment.

Once you have chosen a DIRECTV programming package, you can add High Speed Internet from AT&T to enjoy lightning fast speeds that let you do more online. If you can’t get AT&T in your home, DIRECTV can also be bundled with providers like Verizon, CenturyLink and HughesNet to offer service in more areas of the country. A DIRECTV Internet bundle lets you take advantage of more technology options and features for a better viewing experience.

Finally, choose a calling plan from a number of top phone providers to complete your DIRECTV bundle. With a variety of different options, from international to local, it’s easy to find the right one to help you keep in touch. Each one also offers reliable connections and clear call quality that you can count on each time you dial.

Advantages of a DIRECTV Triple Play Bundle

Bundling is the smart way to order multiple home services and it offers a number of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider a DIRECTV bundle for TV, Internet and phone:

Find Services Faster

Whether you’re moving or just trying to fit it into your daily schedule, researching all of the providers and options in your area can take a lot of time. A DIRECTV bundle allows you to find all of the digital services you need in your home in just one phone call.

Choose the Options that are Right for You

A DIRECTV bundle can also help you choose the right package and service options for your lifestyle and budget. That way you can enjoy the shows and movies you want to watch, connect all of your devices to the Internet and talk to friends and family using the calling options you need. Get the services you need and save time doing it when you add home phone services to a DIRECTV Internet bundle.

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Completely connect your home to the services you need with a DIRECTV bundle today. Call now to create your own DIRECTV Internet bundle and add phone service for a truly whole-home experience.


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